The Steam Tug Kerne Preservation Society Ltd


The Steam Tug Kerne continues to be owned by the North Western Steamship Company Ltd but is now operated by The Steam Tug Kerne Preservation Society Limited. The new Society was set up as a Charity in 2008 in order to promote the preservation and maintenance of this historic vessel and in so doing, provide a means of education into the development, operation and historic use of steam, particularly in maritime applications and as a piece of social history to demonstrate the working conditions for early 20th Century seamen.

It is therefore the aim of the Society to maintain the vessel in a working condition and available for public viewing around the waters of the North West of England. In support of these objectives, in 2014, The Steam Tug Kerne Preservation Society in partnership with The North Western Steamship Co Ltd were delighted to receive funding from the Heritage Lottery Fund to enable essential hull repairs to be carried out and to improve the quality of our displays and presentations.

When not attending a show, or out on a cruise, she can usually be found berthed at the Maritime Museum in Liverpool’s Canning Dock, The Boat Museum at Ellesmere Port and elsewhere on Mersey Waters.

In recognition of her increasing historical importance, Kerne is now part of the Historic Fleet as designated by National Historic Ships.