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Reply Allan Hickson (Mod)
9:30 AM on May 11, 2015 
March/April 2015

For those who have visited this website before, you will have noted that it has had a facelift. All that was previously here is still here, with one or two small amendments and additions. Hopefully the ?new look? meets with reader?s approval.
Whilst we await the call from Cammell Lairds we have continued with the jobs we can get on with whilst still in Sandon. These comprise those non-urgent jobs that could do with doing, but have been put off due to other more pressing things cropping up, and jobs that have revealed themselves in course of the strip down for the hull repairs. In the former category we have the completion of the aft peak tank re-paint which Paul, the Ship?s Mate, has undertaken with great endeavour and enthusiasm. The last lap of this marathon was to apply the protective paint to all surfaces. As this gives off some fair noxious fumes, extraction and ventilation equipment was required as well as the usual PPE gear. Despite the obvious joys attached to this job it was felt that it would not be fair to deny Paul the satisfaction of competing this task without any interference from other crew members. For some reason he did not appear to appreciate our magnanimous gesture!! The Forward and Aft Cabin hatches were found to be in need of some attention to the timberwork. As this couldn?t be undertaken with the hatches in-situ these required removal to our Tyldesley workshop for the necessary work. This of course, means we had to make temporary hatches for security and weather proofing purposes. The repaired (and painted) hatches are now back on the vessel and will be re-fitted in due course.
Whilst our Deck Department are very careful to ensure that all parts of the steering gear are properly (and liberally!) lubricated, wear is inevitable, and as we stripped down the rods, chains and various sheaves the pins and bearing surfaces were found to need attention, so these were removed and re-bushed, machined, or replaced as necessary. Similarly, wear was found in the Wheelhouse-to-Engine Room telegraph system, the various pins and wheels needing attention. It was felt prudent to examine the telegraph and Engine Room repeater themselves and give these a thorough overhaul. Also in the Engine Room Dave has continued to work (slowly) on the engine-driven condenser and bilge pumps, the newly machined rods have now been re-fitted, together with machined-to-fit gland bushes and packings. We just need to run the engine to see that all is well and leak free.
In our last News bulletin I reported on the acquisition of a replacement Forward Cabin stove. Flushed by the excellent work he had done in the aft peak tank Paul, our esteemed Mate, offered to replace the fire-brick lining and generally fettle up this fine old French Deville Lilyer product. With great care it was transported to his home and placed with equal care on his four wheel trolley so he could work on it calmly and safely in his garage. The fire-brick was duly installed, when the fateful decision to wheel it outside onto the path for a test firing was made. One hardly needs to describe what happened next, but in classic Laurel and Hardy fashion, the stove and trolley set off down the path with Paul in pursuit, before the wheels of the trolley came into contact with a grid which instantly reduced the speed of the trolley to 0 mph. Unfortunately the stove carried on at pre-impact speed, although now airborne, before coming in to land. The upshot of this unscheduled flight is that our lovely ornate
1-piece stove has now been converted into a 5-piece cast iron jigsaw. Cries of ?Stupid Boy? were heard more than once when the news was circulated!! The chance of affecting a successful repair was initially recorded as ?extremely unlikely?, but Peter, our welding wizard is having a go, otherwise it will need the purchase of yet another stove!!